[Tile-serving] [osm2pgsql] Providing Windows binaries/packages (#17)

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Thu Apr 11 16:28:11 UTC 2013

My guess would be the important parameters to resolve your issues are the following:

"-U osm -W -H localhost -P 5432" 

-W forces a password promt where you can specify the password for the user osm. However, you have to make sure that postgresql is set up for password authentication and that you have set the appropriate password for the osm user in postgresql.

QGis should not be affected by any of this, as it simply uses an existing postgis db, no matter how you created it.

I have not heard of OSM Tool GUI before, so I don't know what it does. (And google doesn't seem to give me anything useful either) But assuming it is a wrapper around osm2pgsql to make sure you don't have to work with the command line, then you would simply have to extend OSM Tool GUI to set the appropriate parameters of osm2pgsql.

Oh, reading your message again, I see OSM Tool GUI is something / a plugin of QGis. But the same should still apply, that the integration module needs to be adapted to set the correct parameters when calling osm2pgsql. Just that it then does effect QGis... ;-)

You probably want to test it on the command line first. Make sure it works, and then contact the developers of the tool gui.

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