[HOT] Recommendations for cheap "passive GPS trackers" / vehicle mountable GPS loggers?

Guttorm Flatabø post at guttormflatabo.com
Tue Feb 21 12:53:22 GMT 2012

2012/2/21 Boris Cornet <borisC at osm-at.org>

> > The advantage of the one on Dealextreme is the price. Apart from
> > that, there's not much that can go wrong I suppose. But as for
> > accuracy it is probably not among the best.
> It's really cheap. However, my experiences with cheap devices is, that
> you can't rely on their results. One day, you get a good recording,
> and the other day you get complete crap. They use cheap chipsets,
> and - what's worse - cheap antennas.

I see. Which means that it should supply HDOP values for it to be possible
to assess the quality of the track.

> If satellite positions or sky view is suboptimal, they start recording
> fantasy-coordinates. And you cannot tell the difference (you cross a
> mountain, one one side the track is accurate, on the other side it has
> up to a few hundred meters offset).

Must say though, that my track didn't have any points diverging anywhere
near more than 50 m, but I haven't really tested it much.

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