[HOT] Task 661 (Ebola, DRC), road vs path

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With this same HIU/DigitalGlobe image provided for the Boende area, zooming-in closely with JOSM  at around 30m zoom level, I can see in Bounde town how large is a street. 

In comparizon, for these last section of roads that connect to these settlements in  the forestry zone we talk about, I can hardly spot a thin trace when sometimes there is less trees. With such a thin trace, I cannot conclude that a car can go there. 

I would classify these last sections as path since I have no information to conclude that a car can circulate there. I cannot conclude that the housing material was carried by car for this last portion going to the houses.

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 Interesting, and it kept me busy for a while. 
 Can I say first of all that I wouldn't want to lose anyone in an argument over this one. The tree cover is too dense to be sure of anything, and if it was me mapping it, I'd actually put an additional road in extending to the East & South from the isolated section of residential road - I think it goes through the small deforested areas & joins with the other sections of highway.
 All of the buildings I can see are of rectangular construction & judging from the reflections I guess they have corrugated iron roofs. The materials for these buildings were brought in by motor vehicle. The clearings appear to have been created with motor vehicles. It would not be a comfortable ride, but I would mark most of the highways as residential / unclassified. One way or another the isolated section of residential highway needs to be connected to the rest of the highway network by something a motor vehicle (4x4) could navigate along.
 I'm looking with JOSM without the benefit of the border to a task square so my next comment may be 'outside the box', but the highway lengths also need to connect to the other length of highway to the West - there is a small cloud partially obscuring the route, but there is a route visible for most of it & a straight line length of highway may be needed for part of it through the cloud - it must be there somewhere!
 Hope this helps
 On 12/10/14 17:47, Dan S wrote:

 Hi all,

Just having a mini discussion with another mapper about road vs path.
We're both familiar with the Highway Tagging Africa scheme, but we
drew different conclusions about the particular routes we were looking

So it'd be handy if anyone wants to comment on road-vs-path for this location:

And who knows, maybe it would be suitable to use as an example for
future mappers, since we didn't intuitively come to the same


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