[HOT] a few editing questions

Pat Tressel ptressel at myuw.net
Wed Oct 29 05:36:36 UTC 2014

Pierre --

One thing to note is that iD automatically adds a tag called
> "imagery_used=" instead of source to the changeset.
> ...
>     Nice!  That's more precise, as source could also be used for other
> data being entered.
> This imagery_used tag clearly states that we talk about imagery. But there
> is a problem with this option when you work simultaneously with various
> image layers opened, moving from one to the other.

Yes, I deleted a comment about that from my post, as it seems to be an
implementation issue.  Since it's been raised, then a very brief comment:
At the time any feature is traced, some imagery is open.  Features could be
tagged with imagery_used.  If the user changes imagery, then traces more
features, those get the new imagery.  But that could be a lot of tags.  One
option would be, at the time of changeset submission, if only one set of
imagery was used, tags could be removed from the features and applied to
the changeset.  Or, don't tag features, but rather include all sets of
imagery used on the changeset tag.  Need to consider what to do when
someone edits an existing feature.  The goal is to make it easy to query
the imagery used given an area.

In such a context, I think that the software could complete the info with
> the active layer. The contributor should have the option to correct the
> source if necessary.
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