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Wed Jan 28 16:21:04 UTC 2015

Nice! Thanks Cristiano and Kate for sparking this discussion.

Yantisa your feedback from 2-year experience is invaluable to us. Please
keep in touch!
If I understand correctly the Transiflex workflow is efficient but the
resulting translation is usually awkward.
That is good to know and I will also keep in mind Jorge's wish for
consistency with a built-in glossary.
I don't know how this could fit within our current workflow or any existing
translation tool but I agree it would certainly help.

> And it's not just about easiness or tracking changes, for me a very
important matter is consistency on the vocabulary, and with Transifex is
easy to manage a glossary of terms that different translators can agree

Is there an export possible of this glossary file from transifex or other
translation tools?
Such a file could be maintained and shared for different OSM-HOT projects
that need translation.
For consistency and ease of translation of technical terms across wiki,
software, documentation...


On 28 January 2015 at 11:48, Yantisa Akhadi <yantisa.akhadi at hotosm.org>
> Hi Cristiano,
> We have been using Transifex in the past couple of years as a translation
> platform for InaSAFE documentation, as Kate mentioned previously. In our
> experience we found several problems with how it was not suitable to
> translate long text or paragraph since it was splitted into several part
> text strings. Therefore when several people translate/validate these text
> strings they would lose the context of the whole paragraph, and translate
> only in the context of those strings. In result, made it a bit awkward to
> read.
> We are currently planning to change into something similar/same with
> LearnOSM translation workflow, since a translator able to read the whole
> paragraph and translate based on that context.
> Best,
> Yantisa Akhadi (Iyan)
> Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
> Tel: +62 81 5787 03388 Email: yantisa.akhadi at hotosm.org
> hot.openstreetmap.org | openstreetmap.id
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