[HOT] #1024 landuse=brownfield + landuse=residential

Michael Krämer ohrosm at gmail.com
Sat May 2 16:49:07 UTC 2015

Hello Sérgio,

I just realized that no one had answered your question yet. So I will give
it a try.

Am 02.05.2015 00:58 schrieb "S Volk" <svolk2 at hotmail.com>:

> I'm tracing a "landuse=brownfield" poligon for recently disappeared homes
(comparing DigitalGlobe 2015-04-29 with both Bing and MapGive / HIU april
2015 images, ) over a place where there was already a "landuse=residential"
poligon (probably will be a common case). I ask: is it ok, doesn't it
happen any kind of conflict for a "landuse" over another "landuse", like
conflict in rendering brownfield over residential, or any kind of conflict
for identification?

I think ideally the landuse polygons do not overlap. But in practice I also
think that it does not really cause problems if they do. Compared to some
of the other issues with the quality of data.I have seen recently this does
not really scare me.

So if it's easy I would adjust the residential area. But if for example
this requires a multipolygon I would rather have overlapping polygons.

I hope this helps, others are happily welcome to comment as well.

Michael (user Ohr)
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