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Hi all,

Thanks for those who contributed to this discussion about the regulation of
the hot at openstreetmap.org mailing list (one of the many OpenStreetMap
Commons) as as a response to Dale Kunce.
As president of HOT US Inc, Dale attempted to enforce its organization
regulation to the English OSM list for discussions about OSM uses across
the humanitarian and development sectors.
His email reminding the hot at openstreetmap.org subscribers “of the Code of
Conduct https://www.hotosm.org/hot_cod. [that] will be enforced and
offenders will be asked to leave our community", is troublesome:
- it introduces confusion in terms of OSM mailing-lists regulations
- it can read as an attempt to seize and control an OSM common resource
(Commons) by one single organization
- it singled again himself and his organization specific culture the same
way it did during the OSMF election [1].

The discussions allow yet to make progresses and produce clarity.

Thanks to Mikel Maron, it’s established that:
> The hot at openstreetmap.org mailing list is not subject to any more
restrictions than any other OSMF maintained list. It is not restricted to
HOT members and partners, nor is it subject to HOT governance.
> The OSMF hosted mailing lists fall under the etiquette and moderation
guidelines at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Etiquette.

Overall this email conversation rightfully resumes the 2017 OSMF talks
about the status of discussions in OSM shall they happen over the web
(mailing lists, fora, wikis…) or during local events.

On this OSM Etiquette, our talks shall focus on
- the status of this OSM Etiquette,
- its past uses if any
- the relevance of future uses
- the how, what and who of any enforcement.
They shall also look at the reality of serious wrongdoings in communication
across the OSM lists and fora since Simon Pool pointed out in the 2017 OSMF
that they were only a few od such cases in the history of OSM; the same
applying to the hot at openstreetmap.org

Looking at CoC for local events, one shall note that this is also largely
cultural and contingent in OSM and in the OpenData world. Many SOTM global
and local in the past happened without any CoC. The same goes for large
similar events like the Dec 2016  Open Government Partnership (OGP) summit
in Paris (5,000 participants).

In the two above-topics facts are key and shall guide our talks.



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