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Sun Dec 16 18:02:57 UTC 2018

Fredrick, I'll second humanitarian projects being at the core of OSMF

Many of us have gravitated towards HOT because OSMF had not sought to
support this type of mapping in the past. HOT, at least when I was on the
board, does not want to be the only group doing humanitarian focused
mapping. The world is to big and HOT isn't the right tool all of the time.
This is evident in the missing maps group that brought together many groups
who are interested in doing OSM mapping. We don't compete against one
another but rather strive to bring our resources each has to make things
better. It's not perfect but we are constantly reevaluating that effort to
make or mapping and projects better. Our collaborative approach has helped
to foster and support emergent mapping communities in many places around
the world. OSMF could be another great partner for this work if it chose to
activily participate.

I think a solid first step by OSMF would be to co-sponsor, with HOT, a
funding drive for local community microgrants. This has been discussed in
the HOT community as something we would like to see. This is not a new or
novel idea and it would help to show local mapping communities they are
supported by HOT and the larger OSM community.

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On 12/16/18 18:13, Simon Poole wrote:
> If one tries to piece together the history of HOT, at least from an OSMF
> point of view*, it is very clear that HOT was sold to the board by Mikel
> at the time as ""our department" for humanitarian work".

Well - it is quite possible that, at the time, everyone was happy not to
have to deal with humanitarian issues and that, at the time, it *was* a
good idea to simply let folks run with it. Considering how big HOT has
become, I'm quite happy that they're not an OSMF working group, or else
we'd have a constant case of the tail wagging the dog ;)

I don't envision the OSMF running huge aid projects. But it could
probably work to reclaim the "general interest in humanitarian mapping"
as a core OSM(F) activity, while leaving the concrete execution of
projects to bodies like HOT. It all depends on people willing to do it.

> * I've done that mode than once, and always end up wondering what the
> board was smoking at the time.

I can say with confidence that no smoking of anything has happened
during the in-person board meetings that I was part of. (At least not
while we were in session.)



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