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Sat Oct 12 13:30:53 UTC 2019


Had more time today to pinpoint a few more examples from Facebook or 
their side companies. These were mentioned one year ago in my initial 
email to them to which they stopped replying, and shared again and was 
also sent to Mapbox (the company responsable for their maps) on the 6th 
of January with others on CC  jinal at mapbox.com legal at osmfoundation.org 
legal-questions at osmfoundation.org osm at fb.com

No one replied to this email

Recommendations: https://youtu.be/SeTl3HxgRFk
Places: https://youtu.be/lnu8B33mu64

Instagram: https://youtu.be/yr3butHLOVE

They have been on violation for way too long. Private emails, mailing 
lists, blog entries, asking the board to  terminate the license (which 
they have 30 days to fix after receiving the notice from the licensor 
OSMF. And again, both these companies are corporate members of OSMF. 
They should be the first to give the example and communicate with the 
community, not ignore them. About my request to the board, i'm still 
waiting for a decision, four months later. 

Às 21:21 de 11/10/2019, Nuno Caldeira escreveu:
>> 3) You've repeatedly mentioned the OSM map attributed to HERE. As 
>> Martin noted, Facebook has updated many of their attributions 
>> recently, so please provide an updated screencapture, the name of the 
>> app, and instructions to replicate. While your videos are labeled 
>> (like most people I don't own and Windows phone, so I cannot 
>> reproduce) but your screenshots are not. Are these all from Windows 
>> phone apps?
> Hi Kathleen, here's the screen capture. Sadly the marketplace section 
> is crashing the app at the moment and i can't pintpoint other. but the 
> one i send is pretty much shows this situation that was reported one 
> year ago is still on going. Actions speaks louder than words.
> https://youtu.be/aFOMotFIEb8
> obviously i can't check every single map, but this serves as an 
> example of how serious facebook takes us and the community feedback.
> Here's the same location at HERE (no cablecar, no islet, different 
> coastline) 
> https://wego.here.com/?map=32.64412,-16.90614,16,public_transport
> and at OSM https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/32.6450/-16.9074
> OSM history https://pewu.github.io/osm-history/#/way/605003222
> Islet history: https://pewu.github.io/osm-history/#/way/165511735
> If this is not misleading and or license violation i don't know what 
> it it. And again, this was reported 365 days ago. plenty of time to fix.
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