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Am 08.10.2013 20:16, schrieb Volker Schmidt:





Just for your reference - while for many cases, I agree that bicycle=no
is appropriate, there are quite interesting cycleways in the Czech
Republic, where using bicycle=dismount for nodes on a path would
make things easier for people editing OSM. Consider this:
(and don't ask me what idiot proposed a cycleway like this).


This is the standard way of doing things here in Italy as well. At every "end of cycleway" sign you are legally supposed
to dismount and cross the lateral road as pedestrian

well, as it is also signed as the end of the legal footway/sidewalk - in my opinion it is no need for a _dismount_
In my opinion it is just a legal backdoor, that on these driveways (or serviceways?) you leave the legal
cycleway/footway (with the regarding legal rights above the otherwise crossing traffic) and have to obey the crossing
traffic for your own risk - even as walker, but also as cyclist


Nobody actually dismounts in practice, but you're not legally allowed to use a normal pedestrian crossing (zebra) on
your bike in the Czech Republic and should push. We also have a special zebra for bicycle crossing, but in that case the
"end of cycleway" sign is not used. I've posted the most blatant examples of idiotic cycleways.



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