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On 2015-04-27 09:59, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote :

> 2015-04-26 10:02 GMT+02:00 André Pirard <A.Pirard.Papou at gmail.com
> <mailto:A.Pirard.Papou at gmail.com>>:
>     Are we speaking of artists or of studios?
>     Can't artists perform in various places, e.g. at home?
>     After defining artist_studio, will we define artist_house,
>     artist_xyz exactly the same?
> -1
> an artist studio might be at home (e.g. in a house, i.e. where the
> artist lives), might be used by a collective of artists or by several
> artists which work together or indepently from each other, it is a
> facility, not a person. This thread is about a studio used by artists.
My proposition can cover exactly that: a studio used by artists in the
same building as a house:
and if you feel important to stress that several artists can use the
studio, something like:


>     building=anykind  (e.g. studio)
>     (equivalent to building:anykind=yes which is usable for multiple,
>     simultaneous building types)
>     anykind:artist=hisart
>     or, equivalently,
>     anykind:artist=hisart=yes (... multiple arts)
> -1
> this would lead to stuff like
> building=power_station
> power_station:artist=*

Then we must reject artist_studio because it can be tagged on a river node.
Or German because there exist meaningless German sentences.
You simply don't use what makes no sense, do you?


> The building tag is about a building. A studio is typically a part of
> a building, not a building itself. The kind of building should not
> make a difference to how we tag the artist inside it.

With my proposition, you may choose to have the studio as part of the

Or as part of the building next to a house:

Who could ask for more?


>     The artist is, let us say, a property or characteristic of the
>     building, or rather of its particular type
> -1, the artist is not a characteristic of the building and should not
> be merged with the building, we should rather have distinct objects
> for the two.

"rather a property of its particular type" means "a property of studio"
means that "artist" is defining what kind of studio we are dealing with,
hence a property of it.
Defining "artist" and "studio" separately to be associated is certainly
not "merging" them.
artist_studio is more like doing it.

In logical structured tagging, there is only one object, which is what
is "on the ground".
It is a "building" and "house" is an attribute telling what kind of
building that is.
Similarly, "studio" is an attribute telling either the kind of building
or what the house is used for.
It has been written many times that we don't make a map of people, and
hence "artists" are not "objects" but attributes of the "studio", or of
the street they are entertaining etc.

>     and his website
>     artist:website=http://...
>     or, if he had split his arts:
>     artist:drawing:website=http://...
>     artist:painting:website=http://...
> why not
> website=* on the artist studio object?


I have defined two subkeys "artist" and "studio" which can be described
in two wiki pages (at most).
By combining them together and with other keys using the logical
structured tagging syntax, much like a phrase is built, I have solved
not only your issue and mine but also other potential issues.


You want to use keys
like ///Donaudampfschiffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft/
and write a wiki page for each issue they solve.

Are you going to write wiki pages for artist_studio, artist_house,
artist_living_street, film_studio etc.?


Your -1 -1 -1 recalls me that I am on a "not" list, disparaging ideas
without the tiniest effort to find what's good in them and trying to
possibly improve.
I am attempting to solve your issue, mine and others.  You are only
interested in yours.
I personally will use the universal solution.


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