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To add to this, based on a discussion in #osm, please be careful what you map.


If there are poles with signs for the stops, map them. If there are public signs describing the routes, map them. But any stops or routes that are private information only between organizers and parents/students shouldn’t be mapped.





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PLEASE do NOT create a highway=walking_bus tag! This would be useful for the Public Transport v1 scheme. Which hopefully will some year go away.


Please DO follow Thorsten's suggestion and follow PTv2, mapping the stops as nodes alongside the street/way (not on it) in the proper direction. Tag each one:




If you don't know the side of the street (or it's irrelevant), you can place the node in the street (as part of the way) and tag it with: 




I see that the route relation was discussed here in October 2016. If you feel ambitious, you can go a step further and create route relations as described under PTv2 using:




... and even create route_master relations:




In any case, please do not create a new highway tag. In hindsight those were not the best way to go, but there are a million of them (for buses) so they're not going away anytime soon.






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You’ll probably also need a type of route relation for this?


Also, public_transport=platform is only valid with at least one  transport type specific tag, e.g. bus=yes or tram=yes. So there should probably be a walkingbus=yes or walking_bus=yes tag on that. (Whichever is chosen, it should be the same string that’s used for the route relation).


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I saw that there is a specific tag for the walking bus stop, so this is mine propose about how to tag them. What do you think about this purpose? 


Def: Stop point of walking school bus



Thank you,



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