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On Sat, May 26, 2018 at 5:16 PM, Peter Elderson <pelderson at gmail.com> wrote:

> I do a lot of one-day walking trips with groups... they actually fit quite
> nicely with your descriptions. The route usually ends where it starts. You
> have a fixed order of POI's, one or more planned stops at fixed locations,
> and they (the others or the group leader) get upset when someone is not
> ready when the groups is supposed to go on or return.  The route maybe
> linear or circular, often a combination: start linear, then a tour, then
> return the same way you came.
> None of this is absolutely fixed, but that's the same with your
> description, it contains a lot of "may"s

It does indeed sound like a round trip by my definitions.  It is not
intended that people drop out of the walk at
random locations or that they choose to stop at an arbitrary point and not
return to the origin.

> If someone decides to do the same touring car route in her own car,
> wouldn't  you still call it a round trip?

In intent, yes.  Of course, with your own car you can always change your
mind anywhere along the route
and go home, or go somewhere else.

I would expect that even on a round-trip with no stops, such as a scenic
tour bus, if somebody caused
enough trouble they might be ejected.  Or, by pre-arrangement somebody
might be permitted to get off
at a place it normally stops.

Whether or not any of these things are important to map is another matter.
But it's better if our
terminology matches British English expectations at minimum (the more
language expectations
it matches the better) because people don't always look at the wiki to
check if they're using a tag
correctly.  The closer a tag matches normal usage the less likely it will
be used incorrectly.

So once we're agreed what these things mean we can decide if they're worth
mapping. :)

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