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Just a quick web search, but it appears there exist GTFS editors and there
> is an entire ecosystem around creating and hosting GFTS files.

One thought just occurred to me.  It looks like whatever tag we come up
with will have a URL as
its value, since GTFS files seem to be (mostly) available over HTTP.  I
have local routes which are
subsidized by the County Council (almost no routes around here would be
commercially viable
without the subsidy, but it's a large, rural county so buses are needed).
Some of those routes
have more than one operator.  Each might publish its own GTFS feed for only
its own vehicles on
that route (one of the operators has done it with timetables which show
only its own buses on
a shared route).  Given that the values would be arbitrary URLs, the
semi-colon would be unsafe
to use as a separator.  So we'd have to come up with something like
or route:gtfs:etc.  Same thing if we want to add URLs to the operator's
human-readable timetable.

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