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Actually, accuracy=* is used quite a few times by itself:


It is common to combine tokens in such a way in the key grammar of OSM.

When I map objects that may be worthy as a navigation aid, like a survey
point or a milestone, I usually specify a large value if I've only taken
measurements with an imprecise smartphone, so others with millimeter GPS
can improve it later on if they will.

I only add this tag for objects that matter, ie., not on every bush or
waste basket. I assume by default that everything is imprecise unless
tagged with accuracy<1.

If you don't know the accuracy, (and you wouldn't prefer to estimate the
accuracy of the estimate itself...), I think some kind of source tag may
work. However, I can see how changeset metadata is more efficient and I
usually prefer that when possible.

Although, it would be nice if we had better tools to show such metadata
while editing. For example, Josm could offer to download a given area with
history as well. It could then annotate each tag in the properties window
with the last modification date, source and comment. That would help
finding deleted objects as well, along with attribution and history
tracking for objects that went through various steps of merging or

On Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 11:38 AM Sergio Manzi <smz at smz.it> wrote:

> ... because, as you correctly point out, comments are just a
> human-to-human thing (*let's put AI aside for the moment...*), while a
> structured information for accuracy could open the way to an automated
> method to "*update this information only if the accuracy of this new
> measure is better than the old one*".
> On 2018-11-12 11:30, Warin wrote:
> I think the only people who are going to see those indications of accuracy
> are other mappers.
> In which case .. why not use a note, a comment ...human to human.
> There is no need to complicate it with rigid computer organised tags.
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