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Michael Brandtner brandtner_michael at yahoo.de
Wed Nov 21 09:14:14 UTC 2018

 I think I agree with Rainer: You propose to add a  "railway=" tag to a way that already has a "highway=" tag. So then why not just add "railway=tram" and delete the separate way? If this is not wanted (e.g. for rendering reasons) then I think we should use another tag instead of "railway=".
    Am Mittwoch, 21. November 2018, 09:55:54 MEZ hat Nikulainen, Jukka K <jukka.nikulainen at helsinki.fi> Folgendes geschrieben:  
 Hello, and thank you all again for your comments!

>>Le 20 novembre 2018 22:02:01 GMT+01:00, Rainer <r.elbing at gmx.de> a écrit :
>>Sorry that I enter the discussion late.
>>First, is my understanding correct that you want to add a tag on a
>>highway that has embedded tram rails? So e.g. a bicycle router might
>>avoid such highways?
>>Generally a good idea, I think. However to use
>>is not so good in my opinion, because then the way has highway=* and
>>railway=*. What should a renderer do, render a highway or render a
>>As the rails in the highway are a feature that describes the shape of
>>the highway similar to surface=*, I would rather use a new tag
>>embedded_rails=yes or even more precise
>>embedded_rails=tram | embedded_rails=railway.
>>The latter is even worse for bicycles, because the rail grooves are
>>Best regards,

That's a good point, although I don't know whether the renderer is the main issue. There are lots of other tags that the renderer (rightly) ignores.
It might be construed as strange that a highway= has a rail= -tag and that the railway is, specifically, not rendered. But I'm not sure whether the semantics of my tag proposal are troublesome. What do other people think about this? The point of my tag-proposal after all is that there _is_, in fact, a pair of rails _on_ the highway.

>Hmm, if someone want to do something with the railway key, they will look at the value.
>It's a good proposal.

Sorry, I'm not quite sure whether this a comment for or against the rail= -tag, but thank you for the input!

Since I initiated the voting process already, could you all please cast a vote on the poroposal page ( https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Tramtrack_on_highway ) and add comments so that in two weeks time I could possibly mend the proposal according to the vote and possibly have a new vote on the winning tag-identification. Yves, this would also make clear whether you are against or for the current proposal.

Thank you all very much, and please vote and add comments on the proposal page!

Jukka (Tolstoi21)

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