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> +1, historically (say pre-1960ies, I’m not old enough to tell from own
> experience and may be wrong) you wouldn’t have found pavements in German
> hamlets and villages (or likely anywhere in the countryside), and although
> most will have put them now, it really isn’t a criterion for the road
> importance.

Another factor is road widening.  Houses that may have had a (very) small
front garden may
have lost it when the road was widened to accommodate more traffic.

I've only lived here ten years, so I don't know if it was always this way
or the road was widened
when the one-way scheme was implemented.  Feidrfair is a major component of
the one-way
system around town.  All buses heading from the north to the "bus station"
at Finch Square
travel along it.  It's only a tertiary route now, but before the town
bypass was constructed
(again, before my time) it would have been a main artery for travel across
the town from
the surrounding areas.

Now look at the images.https://goo.gl/maps/AL5FAzNgPCMumHKM8  On the right
the pavement
is only wide enough for one person to walk (two if they're very close
friends), the houses have
no gardens.   A little further along https://goo.gl/maps/RYiuKbC6hKbFSVDG9
and even one
person will have to be careful to get past the sign post and lamp post.
Further along still
https://goo.gl/maps/nnumunY2txjhoqde8  and there's no pavement, just a
kerb.  The houses
have gardens but they're relatively new build (in an old style) so whatever
was there before them
probably stuck out that far, because a new build wouldn't have been allowed
to "steal"
pavement.  Ahead on the left you can see the large signage typical of a
through route.  As
streets in this town go it's not the most densely-packed with houses but
it's not far off.

It's a tertiary route now but I suspect that before the bypass was
constructed it was either a
secondary or a primary.

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