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Sorry for this missunderstanding.
In Spain we have motorways (autopistas) and also we have motorways
(autovías). The problem goes with some roads (in some little moments can
have two lanes per direction) that does not fit the standards of an
"autovía or autopista" (bicycles, crossings at the same level -with no
bridges with roundabouts to avoid the direct crossing) with unpaved tracks,
no physical separation between directions... I assure you trunks are not
motorways here in Spain.
Our problems are first with same administrative classification (Nacional N-
roads) but with some of them there is little maintance and horrible
smoothness instead of newer constructions versus new roads done by
Country's government . Or with very good roads (infrastructures are good
pub for the government zone's so they publicate detailed projects with
these kind of information and previsions

Our physical classification would not be subjective:

-Is average speed statistics (here you can access and use this data for
free) subjective?
-Is Average Daily Traffic (ADT) data subjective?
-Is maximum speed subjective?
-Is the existence of bridges to avoid track crossings subjective?
-Is the restriction for some kinds of traffic (bikes) subjective?

No, they don't.

The signage will be ALWAYS represented by the first letter of the reference.

Also I want to attach some pics of these questions

C-37 in this section should be trunk: 100/80, interlevel (with bridges)
crossing with tracks, restricted access to bikes and agricultural
But it is not of Fomento (Country): it is from Generalitat de Catalunya
(State). So...it would not be the best level fro a road. Some people in
Spain thinks this should be primary for this last reason I have said. Some
trucks uses this to go to France by Pyrenees instead of paying AP-7 toll.

CG 2.2 in this section also should be trunk: same case before. It is from
Xunta de Galicia (State), not Fomento (Country)

N-260 in this section should be...secondary o tertiary: -of 50 maximum
speed, all traffic allowed, road marks are orientatives of the middle of
the road, two big cars does not fit at the same time ... But it is of
Fomento (Country) so some people thinks this should be trunk. No big trucks
use this section to travel around  Pyrenees. It is better to use whatever
other solution.

N-340 in this section should be primary:50/60 maximum speed, all traffic
allowed but it is near the second city in population of Spain, Barcelona
and this is the alternative of AP-7. Also two cars fit in. It is of Fomento
(Country) so some people thinks this should be trunk.

T-340 in this section should be primary: 80/60 average speed, all traffic
allowed, crossings with tracks at the same level without no bridges. But it
is from Diputació de Tarragona (Province) so for some people this should be
secondary or tertiary. It is the main road to access to Delta de l'Ebre one
of the most important Natural Parks in Catalonia.

A-14 in this section should be motorway (autovía) . In Spain to be
"Autopista" you should to have these three things:
-No same-level crossings (without bridges and exits), no traffic signals
and roundabouts
-Minimum speed of 60 km/h
-Have two or more lanes per direction
-Strict criteria for access the way, from motorway junctions and not
When you don't cover one only of this criteria you are not Autopista , you
are Autovía (motorway also). Fomento decides in the majority of situations
convert their roads in motorways.

And yes Spain is different. I remember this https://imgur.com/mgfNbLs
between Liverpool and Manchester is a "trunk"... Here in Spain we don't
have this in a trunk for about...20 years.
Also other problem comes when you have a "Nacional" (administrative trunk)
and a parallel autovía (motorway). General traffic goes by motorway, so the
trunk has A.D.T. data more little than other secondary or primary roads of
the same zone (for this reason this section of the "Nacional" should be
tertiary. Well, in Catalonia we try it officially. Here it ICGC Catalan
Government (State) map:http://www.icc.cat/vissir3/index.html?DsebH9VpR
Fomento it is not agree with that: https://imgur.com/YH0GiWY
In this section there are not one but TWO motorways to avoid and pass the
city of Tarragona so tertiary is the most accurate category for this
section of "Nacional".

Openstreetmap should represent the reality of the place: you cannot avoid
the importance of some ways because they are from a little government. Or
in a reverse way: you cannot send the trucks via a sloped-curve-way because
it is "National"

Salut i carreteres (Health and roads)

On Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 12:35 PM Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, 12 Aug 2019 at 01:20, yo paseopor <yopaseopor at gmail.com> wrote:
>> trunk: 4,3,2-lane new roads (newer than twenty years, with new track),
>> with only interlevel crossings and exits, average speed of 80/100, and wide
>> lanes. It is possible bikes or agricultural vehicles would be prohibited in
>> these kind of ways.
> Those sound like highway=motorway to me.  However, I'm not sure what you
> mean by
> interlevel crossings and exits.  But if they really are trunks rather than
> motorways, from what
> I've found in a brief search, Spain does have motorways but your scheme
> doesn't mention
> them.
> From what I've found (which may be wrong or I've misinterpreted it)
> autopistas are
> highway=motorway.  Autovias are harder to categorize, but seem to be
> theoretically
> highway=trunk even though in practise some of the newer autovias seem
> indistinguishable from highway=motorway in terms of construction and
> traffic
> regulations.
> --
> Paul
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