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Michael Patrick geodesy99 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 03:09:00 UTC 2019

> On 1/11/19 2:43 AM, Peter Elderson wrote:
> > This covers all trailheads mapped worldwide so far, and excludes
> > locations where a trail just crosses a road.

There are many trail heads to systems which are reached by boat,
See http://www.bostonharborislands.org/hike-the-harbor. In remote areas
of Alaska, Maine, etc., you can reach some by only rail, by requesting a
'flag stop'. I recall some Scandinavian country had a shuttle flights to
remote areas to pickup and drop off cross country skiers from central
points. There are trails along abandoned railroad right of ways which
cross roads using the trestles, without any direct access to the roads,
similarly, some follow streams which pass hundreds of feet under
the highway bridges above. At least in the U.S.A. the most that can be
said of a trailhead is that it has some form of transportation access and
link to the trail system, not even that they are the start of finish.I've
to some that had no more than tree blazes marking them or a highway
mile marker referencing them.

I know it's a wild thought, but why don't you look at the data models
that already exist, like the British Ordnance Survey, the U.S. FGDC,
or the E.U. Inspire standard.

For the term 'trailhead', it is kept as very simple concept, "where a
pedestrian network affords a transition to other transport networks".
Everything else that might be in proximity to the trailhead, the parking,
visitor centers, kiosks, etc. are bundled together, and, handled as if
there was no 'trailhead' there at all.

>  then invent a tag for TOP and use it,

+1, I'll help. I suspect it  already exists, or is underdevelopment,  since
the Netherlands is at the forefront of Inspire adoption.

A trailhead is a singular thing, that point at the interface between
it isn't collection of things. Those other things might be in proximity or
coincident with the trailhead, but they don't contribute to the definition
of trail head. For that matter, it really might not be considered even a
thin itself, because it really is a only 'reference' to other non-trail

Michael Patrick
Data Ferret
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