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> I'd like to separate the discussions about* amenity=power_supply* (my
> proposal) and the enhancement/merging of the *socket:* and *power_supply*
> key.

It would make things simpler.  Simple enough that some people would reject
your proposal as
incomplete.  Others would prefer the split and reject a proposal that tried
to handle both
topics at once.

On topic: I think it is important that information can be added by looking
> at the device. This means that in my opinion *socket:cee_blue= *and*
> socket:cee_red= *should be valid tags. The amperes, if known, could be
> added with socket:[type]:current= like suggested in the wiki.

But socket=* is defined for use with amenity=charging_station.  That can be
changed, but would
probably require a proposal and a vote.  Maybe not, because from what
little I've seen on the
subject, electric cars often have cables that allow them to be hooked up to
domestic power
feeds and maybe even camp site hook-ups.  Socket=* already defines BS1363
sockets (UK
domestic power) so adding others may be OK without requiring proposals and

Even so, I'm not happy with socket=* because "socket" is an ambiguous term
which may refer
to either female contacts (regardless of whether the connector is fixed or
free) or a fixed
connector (regardless of whether the contacts are male or female).  For
those of the "free
connector is a plug" persuasion, enjoy
The connector for a car charging station (or an amenity=power_supply), even
if fixed, could
have shrouded male contacts.  It would be better to use connector=* than
socket=* and
encourage migration.  Except, of course, there are other ways of
transmitting power, so
electrical_connector=*, with electrical_connector:type, and all the other
socket:type migrated,
plus electrical_connector:contact=male|female.  All of which is too
sensible to ever happen. :)

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