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Thu Nov 28 00:22:14 UTC 2019

Thanks everybody for your comments!

Without trying to quote each one of you individually ...

OK, if it should be a proposal, how to change it? Just alter the name of
the page to "Proposed Features/Tag:barrier=berm", or does the page have to
be moved?

A berm, in modern usage, does indeed refer to any number of broadly similar
concepts, in that it is (usually) a simple pile of dirt, either bare, or
covered with grass.

So how about changing the definition to:
" A *Berm <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/en:Berm>* in modern usage, is a
raised barrier (usually made of compacted earth, either bare or grass
covered) separating two areas. It can have many applications, including as
a defensive fortification line, a protective barrier, a border/separation
barrier or in industrial or sporting settings".
Is that better?

I did look at a random sample of the existing 61 berms, & this would cover
all that I saw - protective walls around apparent ammunition stores;
presumed anti-pollution walls around industrial facilities; walls along
roads & close to (apparently dry) water features & so on.

While researching, I did also notice reference to berms using in BMX &
Motocross tracks but thought they would be too physically small to map? Do
we usually map chicanes & similar on normal race-tracks?

In regard to shooting ranges - yes the area behind the target can be
referred to either as a butt, stop-butt or a back-stop, but it is (usually)
a pile of dirt. Firing "mounds" can be a slightly raised area to fire from,
or it can be a traditional name for just that part of the range area.

I'd agree that earthworks could do with some work, but, yep, that's another
can of worms! (When do we mention gabions
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabion & their modern equivalent
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hesco_bastion? :-))

In regard to large levees, John has been talking about these recently at

Question of my own - is there any particular reason that a berm couldn't
just be rendered the same as a wall?


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