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François Lacombe fl.infosreseaux at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 01:29:15 UTC 2020


It's true proposed tagging deprecates the current pump=* definition
according to rationale and wishes to use the pump word in a more
appropriate way.

However, it would be ok to define mechanical_driver=powered for situations
when mappers aren't able to determine a more precise value.
That would preserve the current distinction made on HDM render with
mechanical_driver=manual/powered and offer possibilities to define a more
detailed knowledge.

Giving more details about pumping capabilities of water wells would cause
upgrading work for renders anyway: they have to support more pump=* values
or drop it in favour of mechanical_driver=*
I now agree on the ability to state 'this water well has powered pumping
capabilities' in case of no additional knowledge but don't get why limiting
knowledge to manual/powered would be desirable.

All the best


Le sam. 21 nov. 2020 à 06:24, Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com>
a écrit :

> On the Talk page, the proposal author has now ignored two different
> requests to change the new pump=values to a different key like
> pump_mechanism, which would allow the continued use of pump=manual and
> pump=powered.
> The author claims: "I find current tagging meaningless (with all due
> respect to people who created it in the past)"
> This is absolutely disrespectful to the current mappers using this tag to
> specify the type of water well found in lower-income countries.
> Perhaps you have never lived in a place where people get their drinking
> and washing water from public or semi-public wells. In these places it is
> quite important to know if a well is just a hole in the ground where you
> need to use a bucket and rope to draw out water (pump=no), or if there is a
> mechanical pump handle which you can physically operate, with some amount
> of force, to pump out bursts of water (pump=manual).
> And the other type of well is "a well that is attached to pipes and a
> motorized pump", which is usually powered by electricity but sometimes by a
> diesel motor. In this type of well you don't have to use any physical
> effort at all, you just flip a switch or open a faucet and water comes out
> - as most Westerners are accustomed to enjoy in their own homes.
> But you will need electricity or fuel to operate it. So usually a
> man_made=water_well + pump=powered is much more convenient, but when the
> power goes out or there is no fuel, it can be nearly useless, while a
> pump=manual is now much more helpful.
> I am quite frustrated that this proposal has gone forward even though
> these concerns were brought up months ago on the Talk page.
> -- Joseph Eisenberg
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