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Hi Sam, and others!
Sam wrote "I worked on a sample here, just outside of Empress, Alberta (in Saskatchewan) [...] So i think that waterway=tidal should be used, with natural=water".  I'm pretty sure there  is no "tidal" rivers in Saskatchewan !-)   The difference between tidal/intermittent is only about water movement mechanism.
About the proposition, we are talking about the Canvec feature tags conversion, aren't we?  
Actually, intermittent water in the Canvec Product only means that water does't cover the area all the time but covers it so often that it changes the landscape/vegetation. The area can be covered with grass (your example) or mud, sand, peeble, or could even be bare rock!  Converting all of them as natural=wetland would be an error. Only local mappers can do further tagging.  The water_cover propostion describes it pretty well. 
About waterway=riverbank,  I was on the impression it was similar to natural=coastline - where there is no need to add natural=water tag - right?   If not, I'll made necessary corrections.


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Hi all,
Im looking at the canvec feature of this (along with the others related)

147011* 	Way <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Elements#Way>  	Single line watercourse 	None, non isolated, intermittent 	waterway=stream; water=intermittent; name=*; fixme=Feature type 	

148007* 	Area <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Elements#Area_.28closed_way_.29>  	Waterbody 	Watercourse, isolated, intermittent 	waterway=riverbank; water=intermittent, name=* 	

the proposal page is here
and the canvec feature page is here

I worked on a sample here, just outside of Empress, Alberta (in Saskatchewan) I just guessed on the landuse=meadow; natural=grass (someone local can fix it) .. with photos.
But for the riverbank etc.

natural=water  (is standard to vaguely describe some type of water)
unfortunately we dont use natural=water;water=lake, but we DO use natural=wetland ( with wetland=marsh for non-flowing water)
but water=river isn't used.   nor is natural=river used.   yet waterway=stream is used.   
So i think that waterway=tidal should be used, with natural=water.

So for the main river parts (the main waterflow area), i propose
natural=water; waterway=riverbank; name=*; source=*; attribution=* (if needed)

then for the river banks (the sides where after a rainfall it's not distinguishable, but in a drout it's a sand area & if left longer plan-life would grow.   So the water level is 'intermittent'.  Hence the original value of  water=intermittent,   so i propose
natural=wetland; name*; source=*; attribution=*(if needed)
As tagging it was "natural=wetland" where the polygon is directly inside the "waterway=riverbank" ... makes this wetland flooded.  So i think it makes sence.



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