[Talk-GB] Adding a further 250, 000 UK roads quickly using a Bot?

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Thu Feb 3 13:36:30 GMT 2011

On 3 February 2011 11:51, Ed Avis <eda at waniasset.com> wrote:

> I think automatically importing the OS data for areas where OSM currently
> has
> little to no coverage - or coverage merely traced from Yahoo imagery - is
> a great idea.

I agree.

I would be totally opposed to this bot sniffing around Southwark, which we
have got very close to 100% through a lot of on-the-ground surveying. I
would echo Ed's observation that the OS road names have been much more
accurate than the OSM data, mind you.

For areas like Southwark with at least a few dedicated mappers willing to
alter their commutes and check roads, the manual approach is much, much

But what about the Lleyn Peninsula in Gwynedd, north west Wales? I've worked
on Criccieth and the surrounding area for years, some others have done bits
in a few other towns, but most of the county and the peninsula are still
very bare after 5-6 years of OSM.

I don't see anyone nipping out on their bicycle of a weekend, or altering
their commute to work, to finish the basic road network in Gwynedd. I
suspect the area has a very low density of IT/geo professionals. Most of the
work seems to be done by tourists, like me, who visit specific areas often.

If there are tools like the "no names" map and maybe an "un-checked OS
Locator copied names" map, I don't see the problem with giving those remote
rural areas a big boost. If anything, it might make it easier to recruit the
sort of local mappers that can happily add a handful of local POIs.

Best wishes,

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