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2009年 9月 24日 (木) 16:25:31 BST

Sorry for not being able to speak Japanese.

2009/9/24 S.Higashi <s_higash @ mua.biglobe.ne.jp>

> Lambert coordinates     ?
> Lambert crosspiece      ?
> Lambert zone    ?
> UTM20N Guadeloupe Fort-Marigot 1949     ?
> UTM20N Guadeloupe Ste-Anne 1948 ?
> UTM20N Martinique Fort Desaix 1952      ?

Those are values for the French plugin Cadastre. Lambert is a coordinate
system used only in metropolitan France. UTM20N are coordinate systems used
for the French islands in the Caribean. I don't think they need to be
translated as they are all names.
For Lambert, you may want to translate only the words coordinates (座標),
crosspiece, and zone.

Emilie Laffray
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