[Tagging] Add some tag to identify disputed borders

Andy Townsend ajt1047 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 20:37:05 UTC 2018

On 12/11/2018 13:21, NoƩmie Lehuby wrote:
> Should we consider the disputed=yes tag on boundary ways as a /de 
> facto/ standard and uniformize a few borders ?

Can you give examples of where you'd use it?  There are many, many 
examples of disputed borders in OSM and they have been mapped in 
different ways.  Each dispute is different - sometimes theren't no 
dispute about where the border is, just about the status.  Sometimes 
there are oddities (like Bir Tawil) where there are both different 
overlapping claims and completely unclaimed territory.

You gave a couple of examples of "different ways of mapping" in OSM in 
an earlier post, saying that some examples in OSM don't match 
.  You also gave a couple of examples where there are overlapping 
borders in OSM.  I can think of a couple of places (Somalia / Somaliland 
is one example, various maritime disputes are others) where this may 
actually be the best way of mapping reality.  I'm not convinced a simple 
"disputed=yes" tag would help much.

> Should we create a proposal about this tag ?

Without a bit more discussion about what the problem that you're trying 
to solve here actually is I'm not convinced that that will help

> The borders data do not fit the doc...

Just to be clear, which documentation are you actually talking about?  
There are lots of bits and pieces in the OSM wiki, and lots of them 
contradict one another.

> ...and the statement from the Foundation and are not really usable 
> right now...
Can you give an example of a border that you can't apply the examples in 
DisputedTerritoriesInformation.pdf to?  What problem are you actually 
trying to solve?  are you:

  * Trying to find a graphical representation showing that "there is a
    dispute here"?
  * Trying to parcel up the world into best-fit single territories (to
    avoid double counting) for non-graphical processing?
  * Trying to display actual territorial control?
  * Trying to show what type of dispute exists somewhere?

All of these are somewhat different problems...  I'm not saying that 
there isn't a problem to be solved here (in fact there are many 
different ones).

Best Regards,


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