[OSM-talk] Persian/Arabian Gulf Tagging

Li Yaqo iata.idp.iq at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 22:06:54 UTC 2021

Dear Ebrahim,

you said "Is there a final decision between "A/B" and no-name?

Why did you exclude the option "keep it as is, keep it in peace" just like
what the moderators said once, I remember it was like "the 'name' tag
should be left in peace and you're free to edit the 'name:fa' only"

Why is this so much force to push the "الخليج العربي" name away? and force
the Iranian name in? Actually, after reading Saeed Hubaishan's emails and
replies with the information and stats my opinion is just to leave it as
is, in the Arabic alphabet, because of on-ground naming rules and

Also you said, "When/How will the relation be modified?" But who said it
will be changed? you the one who suggested the change, and we were open and
discussed this matter because we were sick of the Iranian vandalism in that
area of the map and wanted to stop it since your part was open to stop the
vandalism and start the negotiations after hundreds of sabotage and
vandalize edits by over 30 Iranian.

As I said before, this matter should be discussed between the Arabs and the
Iranians, but if you want my thoughts about this matter, I stated it here:

I also suggest what Saeed Hubaishan sent before and read the information
and stats, here:

And here:

Also here are some sources that were shared by an Arab mapper, also we need
to take a look at:

Li Yaqo

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> Hello,
> Is there a final decision between "A/B" and no-name? When/How will the
> relation be modified?
> Regards,
> Ebrahim
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